No More Wash Day Blues for this Home!


Recently, we completed a laundry room project for a couple and their three children.  The designer, Grace, shares some information about the project and some of the unique features included in the design.

laundry room

“This was a really fun project!  Her home was under construction, so I had to deal with a 135 degree angle wall as well as working around the construction so it could be done as soon as possible.  It was a challenge because we had to integrate a mud room and a laundry room in a fairly small space while incorporating a section for each family member with a bench to sit on and a place for coats and hooks to hold backpacks.  We also had to have plenty of baskets for dirty laundry, a hanging bar for clothes right from the dryer, and a countertop to fold clothes on.


We built a system that had four large laundry baskets over a countertop with hanging above and placed this right next to the dryer so the clothes could be easily taken out of the dryer and put on the countertop, and then hung right above the countertop. We then built an adjacent wing off the 135 degree wall that had space for four 18” sections and one additional one for extra shoes and 3 extra laundry baskets for dry cleaning, and special care laundry. We did the system in white to match her existing cabinet and to keep the fairly small space bright and open.



The client was thrilled with her design, and says that her kids keep everything a lot neater now that they have their “own” space in their cubby.  It’s like the kids have individual lockers, but they are much classier and way more stylish.”

For more examples of Grace’s work please visit her online portfolio.


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Suzy Lunsford
January 12th, 2013 on 12:47 am

Wow! That turned out great! You really fit a lot into a small space. Love it!

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