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Everyone has a junk drawer – ok maybe some of us have more than one junk drawer.  It’s just so easy to open the drawer, toss in a bunch of random items and close it before anyone can see!  Unfortunately when it comes to finding items, an unorganized drawer is a real headache.  The great thing, there is one basic tip to remember with keeping organized drawers:

Divide and Conquer

Drawer dividers are the best way to keep things neat and orderly.  Using various sized baskets (readily available at many retail stores) help you sort items by size and use in order to maximize space and reduce hunting time.

At California Closets we use acrylic dividers for both closets and pantries.  In the closet, they are great for keeping socks, underwear, and stockings organized.  In the pantry they make excellent snack drawers so the kids can quickly find the perfect thing to munch on.  We also recommend acrylic dividers in the drawers that can help keep your piles of clothes in order so tops aren’t falling all over each other.

dradrawer dividers   snack drawer

Jewelry inserts are another great way to keep your precious accessories organized.  Not only that, but it helps prevent damage and keeps your items lasting longer.

California Closets  California Closets

What are your tips for keeping your drawers organized?  We’d love to share your success!

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